Alt-J: drummer Thom Green backstage with the TD-4KP

Alt-J: drummer Thom Green backstage with the TD-4KP - Electronic Drums | Roland UK

Mercury Prize award winning band Alt-J have had a busy few years. As well as penning award winning albums, they’ve toured relentlessly. As a drummer on the road, it’s not easy to have the time to practise or play outside of the stage performance. Enter the TD-4KP V-Drums Portable kit.

It was early in 2013 when drummer Thom Green expressed an interest in exploring the world of electronic drums. As a self-confessed fan of classic Roland percussion sounds such as the TR-808 snare sound, V-Drums were naturally of interest. How better to get acquainted with Roland V-Drums than taking a kit on the road? And the easiest kit to take on the road has to be the V-Drums Portable kit.

In this video, Thom explains why it’s his V-Drums kit of choice.

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  1. Hi there, I am thinking about purchasing the TD-4KP and was wondering whether or not you could record onto Logic (Music Recording Software) for the purpose of making demos? I am in a band called A New Day and we are always writing new material and I think it would be really good to be able to practice on this electric kit and record demos. Is it possible? If it can be recorded, could you edit the drum recording like you would an accoustic? Thanks :)

    • Hi Sam
      Thanks for your question. Yes, TD-4KP is ideal for recording! There are a couple of ways you can do this; 1) record a stereo mix of the drums by connecting stereo jacks (L/R) into a recording interface, hooked up to your PC/MAC or 2) record via MIDI. The TD-4KP has a MIDI out which means each pad is separate channel in the recording software. You can then assign sounds to the MIDI signal from drum plug-in software such as BFD or EZ Drummer. If you don’t have a MIDI input, you Can use a MIDI-to USB converter such as our Roland UM-ONE MK2. Thanks

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