TM-2 wins prestigious MIPA award

MIPA 2014

When a new product wins an award, you know there’s something in it. And when that award comes from an independent and well respected body, you know it’s for real.

If you’re a musician and into gear, the Frankfurt Musikmesse is the place to be. The world’s biggest music brands gather and announce the latest products for the coming year. And where there’s news, the music press are not far behind. Every year at the show, the music press vote and choose the best new products at the show. This is called the MIPA award – the Musikmesse International Press Award. And we’re very proud to receive the 2014 MIPA  award for our brand new TM-2 Trigger Module.

What is the TM-2?

The TM-2 trigger module makes it affordable to give hybrid a go. This compact module is truly a first of its kind – it’s packed with over 100 drum and percussion sounds and samples, but you can load your own in as well. Pads and triggers can then be connected to it to play those sounds. What’s more, the whole thing runs on batteries – so wires are kept to a minimum and there’s no need to find a plug socket to harness the power and diversity that hybrid can bring.

TM-2 trigger module

So how is it different from a drum module?

The TM-2 is purposefully compact and simple to use. It takes up hardly any room in your gig bag and needs minimal real-estate in your drum kit setup, but still allows you access to hundreds of genuine drum and percussion sounds. Those sounds can then be played by connecting pads such as our well-known mesh pads or the clever BT-1 Bar Trigger Pad, or by connecting Acoustic Drum Triggers, which is where things really get interesting.

By connecting triggers to the TM-2 and then attaching them to your acoustic drums, every time your stick hits the drum head, a sound will play instantly and dynamically from the TM-2. The sound that comes out of the TM-2 is your call – you can either complement your acoustic drum sound by adding low-end punch to the acoustic kick drum or accentuate the shell overtone of the snare drum, or you could even lay a sampled sound over your acoustic drum sound for effect – like having a sound on your acoustic snare for example.

Taking it a step further, your kit could even recreate the original sound of a record or track by laying a drum sample from the TM-2 over your acoustic drums. Just think – your 22” kick could become Bonham’s 26”!

Perhaps these are all reasons that the TM-2 has won this award. But one thing is for sure – this small module offers big possibilities for your drum sound.

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