Digital Announcement Recorder

AR-3000: Digital Announcement Recorder


The AR-3000 can store and play back up to 2,000 audio phrases with 24-bit digital sound quality. Instead of moving parts, this rackmount recorder uses industry-standard PC cards to record and play back phrases—making it ideal for theme parks, museums, or other places where reliable audio playback is needed.

  • Rackmount digital audio recorder using PC card storage technology
  • Records and plays back up to 2,000 audio phrases with 24-bit, 48kHz sound quality
  • Audio/MIDI phrases can be triggered via MIDI, RS-232C or GPI
  • Can be used in stereo or dual mono applications
  • AR-LINK function for up to 64 tracks of sync'd playback using one AR-3000 and multiple AR-200 units
  • Optional network board (AR-NTI) allows data transfer and remote operation via a network
  • Syncs to external MTC
  • Includes ARE soundcard and editing software for PC


Recording Format
RDAC (Roland Digital Audio Coding)
Recording Media
PC card (PC Card Standard (1995) compatible)
Number of Phrases
Maximum 1000 phrases (when 1 PC card is used),
Maximum 2000 phrases (when 2 PC cards are used)
Phrase Types
Audio phrases (stereo/mono), MIDI phrases
Playback Methods
Program playback: 100 phrases, 5 patterns
Direct playback: 16 phrases, 4 mode (Normal/Fisrt-in/Last-in/Sequence)
Binary playback: 2000 phrases
MIDI playback: 2000 phrases
RS-232C playback: 100 phrases
AR-LINK playback: 2000 phrases
Master Equalizer
High: -12 dB to +12 dB (3/6 kHz, shelving type)
Low: -12 dB to +12 dB (200/400 Hz, shelving type)
MIC input(unbalanced):Input sensitivity: -50 dBu
Nominal input level: -40 dBu
Input impedance: 2 kΩ
Line inputs(unbalanced):Input sensitivity: -16 dBu
Nominal input level: 0 dBu
Input impedance (stereo): 20 kΩ (mono) 10 kΩ
Audio outputs(balanced): Nominal output level: +4 dBu
Output impedance: 500Ω
Digital Input
Coaxial type (S/P DIF)
MTC (master/slave), MMC (master/slave), AR-LINK (master/slave), Multi Recording/ Playback (master/slave)
Power Supply
AC 117V, AC 230V or AC 240V
Power Consumption
13W (AC 117V), 14W (AC 230V, AC 240V)
AR-NT1 (network board), RSC-15APL (AR-LINK Cable)
Size and Weight
482 mm
19 inches
231 mm
9-1/8 inches
44 mm
1-3/4 inches
2.7 kg
6 lbs.
*The specifications are subject to change without notice.



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