Download PowerOn Roland’s music magazine

PowerOn is Roland’s magazine for musicians featuring bands, artists and producers alongside the Roland and Boss gear that they use to get their sound. The magazine also features loads of advice as well as articles about studio technique, EQ advice, how to record your instruments and the future of the music industry.

If you like the app, please rate and review it on the App Store, so others can also enjoy the issue. Many thanks!


  • How do I download the app? - Download the app here or visit the App Store and search for Roland or PowerOn. You’ll also find it in the ‘music’ section on iTunes.
  • Does PowerOn cost anything? - Nothing at all, it’s free.
  • Is it a big download? - The app itself is quite small, around 9MB, so it downloads in seconds. Once installed, you’ll be able to download the various issues of PowerOn (see next question).
  • What do I do once I’ve installed the app? - Just launch the app and you’ll see the latest issue ready for download. Just touch the front cover and downloading will begin. 
  • How big are the download issues? - Issue one was around 280MB as it included lots of video content, which increased the size of the download. Later issues don't include embedded video are smaller and faster to download.
  • Is this why I need a WIFI connection to watch the videos? - Exactly! Based on feedback from our readers, video is streamed not embedded – so you’ll need a WIFI connection. The payoff is that each issue is much smaller to download: between 50 and 100 MB per issue. 
  • I can't install the app to my iPad. - Check you have the latest version of iOS. If you are up to date, try downloading PowerOn again. If that doesn’t work, email us for further assistance, giving a clear description of the error.
  • I don’t own an iPad: does it work on other platforms? - PowerOn is currently available only for iPad. Do let us know if you’d like to see a version for Android or other platforms.


  • When downloading an issue, I sometimes get ‘Error during download’. - This can happen from time to time with larger download sizes. The file size of future issues will be much smaller, avoiding the problem.
  • I downloaded the original app and get a message saying I need to update the app at the App Store before I can read the latest content. - This is normal, and is due to the authoring tools we use to produce PowerOn needing to be kept up to date. Updating the app is simple: just visit the App Store and check the updates tab. Update PowerOn as normal, and then download your new issue.
  • How do I provide feedback about the app? - Just email poweron@roland.co.uk and let us know what you think. We’d love to hear from you.