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What's a Roland Planet?

It’s a Roland store within a general music store, housing a broad range of gear that’s wired up and ready to be played.

Each store has a friendly, professional, Roland-trained product specialist to advise you about producing your music.

Why should you shop there?

We’ve found that people appreciate practical advice and good service, as well as a cool place to try the latest music gear. We often get great feedback from satisfied Roland Planet customers who then go on to recommend their local store to other people. So we know it works.

Our in-store product specialists are self-confessed gear nuts who are trained to help customers play, write or record music. Most are gigging musicians too, so they know what’s important and what to leave out.

The Roland Planet concept was originally developed in the UK, with the first store launched in Leeds way back in 2001. Since then, the concept has been adopted internationally and there are now over 300 Roland Planet and Planet X sites throughout the world.

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